What is Project CARE Mexico?
Project CARE Mexico is a developmental Public-Private Partnership program providing support and assistance to people involved in SMEs of electrical and electronics industry. It is funded by DEG and TUV NORD, and implemented by TUV NORD and ASSIST in Philippines.

Who are the target beneficiaries?
The beneficiaries are SMEs involved in electrical and electronics industry, participating associations and government officials; 60 professionals will be qualified as trainers for knowledge and technology transfer to other industries.

What will be the benefits to them and the other stakeholders of the project?
>> Increased awareness and knowledge on EHS practises;
>> Free capacity building program and training workshops;
>> Introduction of new technologies for waste management system.

What is the project duration?
The project is set for

Will there be any fees involved?
No fees is involved or collected from project beneficiaries or members.

What are the activities involved in the project?
>> Project Launch: A formal half-a-day project launch session will be scheduled in one location inviting at least 75 participants from a multi stakeholder group.
>> Multi-stakeholder session: Awareness materials will be developed and distributed during these sessions.
>> Capacity building/Training: Training will be given to the selected people from SMEs.
>> Closing ceremony: The project achievements will be presented in the event.

What are the roles of the proponents?
>> DEG – Public partner (co-sponsor) of the PPP project
>> TUV NORD – Private partner (co-sponsor) and project management
>> ASSIST – Implementing partner


The electrical and electronics industry of Mexico plays a significant role in the country’s export market and the growing economy. Employing around 19% of the labour force, it stands as the second largest exporter of electronic goo

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The objective of the project is to upgrade the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from the electrical and electronics industry in Mexico by supporting them achieve product- and process compliance as well as work safety through ad

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Upcoming Events

5 days training in 2 groups on the topics of Environment, Health & Safety Standards benchmarking international standards such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ROHS, REACH, WEEE

The first group will take place in the city of Chihuahua from July 21th to 25th in CANACINTRA and the second group will take place in Cd. Juarez from July 28th to August 1st in COPARMEX.

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